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Bow Hunting in Alaska: Beginner’s Guide

A quick guide for beginners at bow hunting in Alaska

Hunting in Alaska using a bow can be an awesome thing to learn. Nothing makes a hunter feel way more primal than using a bow and arrow to bring down their prey. And if you are new to bow hunting, then here are a few pointers to consider.

Learn about the different kinds of bows

There are many types but for the beginner, there is basically one that every bow hunter should long into. And this is the traditional recurve longbow. Those Olympic longbows that you see on TV are meant only to be used for hobby archery and not for hunting. This is a resembles the traditional recurve in terms of basic form but the materials are metals and fibres and come with a multitude of appendages and elements of precision. Another possible type of bow common for hunting in Alaska is the crossbow. If you decide to use the crossbow, check out BowAuthority’s crossbow scopes to help you decide what to pick. Visibility is poor in Alaska (due to winter and snow) so a scope will be one of the best things you can get.

Choose the right bow with the right power

A very important issue is the power of the bow. The power of the bow is measured in pounds and represents the equivalent weight that your body supports (mainly the muscles of both arms and back) when you open it. Every arc is configured for a nominal power that is calculated at an opening of 28 inches. Why is the power of the bow you buy so important? Because in general, it is not a parameter that can be changed so if you do not hit the nail on the head it can be very frustrating. And why can it be very frustrating? Because firing with a bow that does not cost you effort to open or be unable to dominate the bow of what is suffered to open it with each arrow can ruin your desire to keep pulling.

Other tips to remember

Now that you know what kind of bow that you should consider, you have got to know how to setup yourself. Most of the times, when you are bow hunting; you are not actively stalking any game. Instead, you will be up in a tree waiting for the most opportune moment to shoot them with a well-placed arrow shot. So here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when you are setting up your position.

Position yourself properly in the tree

The height at which you must place the hunting position in the tree is paramount. You have to do it at the right height to be able to cover yourself, but without losing sight of the place where the animal will pass. The best thing is to choose a crossing of branches (one is not enough) from where to control what happens around without the animal detecting anything.

If you are waiting at a feeding trough, locate yourself in an area where you see the feeder clearly.

Be safe

Falling from this height can lead to serious injuries, so it is best to take precautions. You are probably already gripping your bow with both of your hands, so you may need to have a harness tied to the tree. You have to tie a rope or a harness to the nearest thicker and central branch, at a distance from the ground to feel safe.

Hunting Tips for Alaska

What are some tips for hunting in Alaska?

Alaska is a vast and sparsely populated country of incredible beauty and wildlife. The bears in Alaska are among the strongest in the world. You drive the countless rivers, glass the slopes, the desired bear has come into sight, begins an exciting footstep. Alaska is a true hunter’s paradise. Hunt for elk, wild sheep, caribou, black bear and grizzly bears in a wilderness untouched by humans. Far from the hustle and bustle, stress and civilization, experience your Alaskan adventure. And if you would like to have grand time hunting in Alaska, then you need to prepare. So here are a few tips that you should follow before heading out on your hunting trip in Alaska.

Apply for a hunting permit

To have a hunt in Alaska you must have read state hunting rules and applied for a hunting license. The hunting license shows that you have paid the necessary state fees for hunting in the state. The hunting license must be taken at all hunting locations in Alaska. The hunting card is carried and shown to any of the authorities that ask for it. The wildlife fee will be paid by everyone who hunts. This also applies to hunters, for example, who use hunting dogs.

Have the right travel plans

The hunting grounds of the state of Alaska are characterized by their vastness and seclusion. Passenger and goods transports are done almost exclusively by plane, to limited extent also small boats are used. Weather, season and the water level of the navigable rivers directly determine the accessibility to the very remote hunting grounds. Therefore, you should always have the right travel arrangements already made if you want to get to some of the prime hunting locations in the state. For example, if you plan on hunting in the Aleutian Isles, you need to charter a plane. Travelling by plane is the only practical way to get around Alaska’s widely spaced hunting locales. So try to budget in a plane charter as part of your hunting trip’s budget.

Have the right equipment

Crossbows are very good for hunting in Alaska. If you are unsure of which bow to get, you can take a look at BowAuthority’s best crossbow article. Make sure you are using a proper crossbow scope,  as well as adequate crossbow bolts. You have got to remember that the game animals in Alaska are much larger. This applies to animals such as the large Grizzly bears and Elk. You have got to have the right calibre of weapon if you want to bring down a large elk, as one shot from an ordinary hunting rifle is not enough to take them down. You may also need to have some sort of hunting shotgun if you want to protect yourself against the large bears that can be found in Alaska. You also need to keep in mind that the bears in Alaska are a protected species, so if you shoot one in self-defence, you will need to hand over the carcass or pelt to the Alaskan Forestry department.

Be sure to bundle up nicely with the right hunting gear as well. You will need gear that is lightweight yet will still keep you warm. Alaska can have below freezing temperatures frequently. And it can get wet with rain, snow or sleet. So you have got to make sure that your hunting gear can withstand the weather in Alaska.

General Hunting Tips & Checks

What are some essential tips that every hunter should know?

Hunting can be a great sport to try out, but to make it a truly enjoyable one; you have got to know what you are doing. There are a few practical tips that every hunter should know about, no matter what kind of animal that they are hunting. You could be after deer or pheasants, but the principle remains the same. You have got to act like an experienced hunter would. And there are a few things that you can keep in mind if you want to be successful on your next hunt. Here are a few tips that you should always keep in mind when going on a hunt.

Follow your natural instinct

The technological equipment of assistance to the hunter will never come to have the same value as the knowledge of the hunter that gives the experience. Follow adequately the clues you have obtained in previous seasons and do not wait for the animal to be in your sights right in front of you. If the animal appears right in front of you, you must be quick because otherwise, you may not have a second chance.

Hunt at the right time of the day

You should always plan your hunt’s schedule according to the behaviour of the animal that you are hunting. This is especially applicable if you are hunting deer. There is a discrepancy among hunters about whether there is a better time of the day for deer fighters. The reality is that there are two periods of time that facilitate success: one is in the morning at first hour and another at dusk as in the case of almost all animals. Try to do research on the other behaviour of animals that you may be hunting.

Get to know the hunting area carefully

One may think that going to inspect the hunting area a couple of weeks before the start of the hunting season prepares you enough to hunt in that place. However, experienced hunters know an even better trick. The idea paradoxically is to perform the exploration at the end of the hunting season. For what purpose? This is so that you can prepare for the next season. Because you will know what the animals have been doing during the hunting season, how they have tried to flee, where they usually hide, etc. This is what allows you to be proactive about what the animals will do next season, and how you can better and more effectively hunt them down.

Get to know the animal that you are hunting

Different prey has got different kinds of behaviour, so you have got to know how they would react in certain situations. For example, deer are more intelligent animals than other game can be, so knowing this type of animal will give you an advantage when it comes to tracking it. Before you hunt down any sort of game, you must ask yourself questions such as: what is their favourite food, what is their daily routine, how do they react to a possible danger?

Fishing in Alaska

Alaska is a paradise for every avid amateur angler. Whether fishing in the ocean, in the lakes and rivers, fly fishing or even ice fishing – Alaska offers world-class conditions. Often anglers only have to drive a short distance and they can throw the fishing rod into the water from a river, lake or seashore.

Alaska also has got a very diverse aquatic environment. There are several hundred different species of fish cavort in Alaska’s three million lakes and three thousand rivers and off the coast. So it’s not so much about the question of catching a fish or not, but rather about being spoiled for choice. Anglers can choose to fish almost every type of fresh and saltwater fish in Alaska. The most popular, of course, being Salmon, which are very numerous in the state.

Each region has sufficient accommodation to suit the needs of the anglers. They will find a wide range from simple to luxurious. Staying in these cabins, cabins or lodges will bring you unforgettable experiences. Enjoy the loneliness in untouched wilderness, the clear, healthy air, the northern sky, a feast around the campfire. So truly, Alaska is not only a great place for anglers; it is an Eden for anyone that loves the outdoors.

What do you need to fish in Alaska?

For angling and fishing in Alaska, everyone over the age of 16 needs a state fishing license which is also called a Sport fishing license, which is available in all sports and fishing businesses and some hunting lodges. There you should also get the provisions and quotas (bag and weight limits) that you can read about as part of the fishing regulations in Alaska.

When is the best time to go fishing in Alaska?

The best time to go on a fishing trip to Alaska would depend on what kind of catch that you are after. Depending on the region and the water, the best time for Chinook salmon is between the end of May and the end of July, for red, dog and pink salmon end of June to the end of July; for the silver salmon beginning of August to end of September. And for Grayling, rainbow trout and char, they are numerous from May to October. Most anglers who visit Alaska for the first time trust the care and comfort of a lodge. There are also stationary tent camps, which are located on very good fishing grounds and also have a certain minimum comfort. In almost all lodges and camps you also have the opportunity to freeze your fish and fly out to Anchorage for smoking.

Where can you stay for fishing in Alaska?

There are a ton of places that offer charter fishing trips to Alaska. You can even stay in a lodge that exclusively caters to anglers. If you stay in a fishing lodge, you do not have to give up all-round service with gourmet food. Everyone will seethe with envy you for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. So why pass up the opportunity? You should plan a fishing trip to Alaska right now!

Tips For Fishing

Fishing is a hobby for lots of people but held back by a lack of specialized knowledge and experience on how to fish. The idea of taking a chilled afternoon to forged your line and capture a few fish for a good reason. Here are the some of the best tip for the people who have the itch to get out in the water and catch the fish.

Quick Tips TO Fishing

Master How To Cast

Learn how to cast a fishing rod it is the most important thing for beginners to learn how to through your bait with the proper technique. To become a good caster requires practice and that practice should be before going out for fishing. While casting learns how to double haul without that one will always be held back in their casting abilities.

Choose The Right Bait

Learn which bait is used to catch the fish because it is the most important which attract the fish. For example, a largemouth bass responds to craws while the catfish like raw chicken. So understand and choose the right bait to catch the fish unless you want to waste your long fruitful day. Some people use plastic bait like warms, senkos and don’t jerk. The bait is two types Artificial bait and natural bait.

Artificial bait is a famous approach to catch the hunting fish. Lures are artificial baits designed to resemble the arrival and motion of prey, usually small fish.

Natural bait such as worms, leeches (notably bait-leech Nephelopsis obscure), minnows, frogs, salamanders, and insects. Natural baits are very effective as the texture, odor and color of the bait are presented.


There are reasons why rigging is important. A well-tied fishing knot does not break when you set the hook and certain knot will move your fly or trap in a way much like naturals. Use the precise fishing knot to your lures and the Palomar knots is the best knot for your line.

Use Cheap Lures

Use cost-effective lures, if you are afraid to lose your lures then never put them in a danger. In order to maximize success use cheap lures fished in the right areas work better than the expensive lures fished in a safe zone.

Swim Your Lure Properly

While using a lure think how your bait natural moves in the water and follow with your rod tip and real speed. A good way to develop this is to go fishing only with the lure. This help how to use bait and learn how to work it to each fish.


This is the most important segment in the fishing is to find the best spot to catch. Most of the beginners are chose lake fishing because it is very easy to catch the fish in there. Chose the correct spot to bait and lure the fish. Meet the locals to gather the information where we can find the fish and hook more of them.

Patience And Confidence

These are the important keys for fishing, you’ll not be lucky every day. you should always have 200% confidence in what you are throwing and you should be super patience to catch fish. If you are in a hurry you’ll never get a fruit of your labor.