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Bow Hunting in Alaska: Beginner’s Guide

A quick guide for beginners at bow hunting in Alaska

Hunting in Alaska using a bow can be an awesome thing to learn. Nothing makes a hunter feel way more primal than using a bow and arrow to bring down their prey. And if you are new to bow hunting, then here are a few pointers to consider.

Learn about the different kinds of bows

There are many types but for the beginner, there is basically one that every bow hunter should long into. And this is the traditional recurve longbow. Those Olympic longbows that you see on TV are meant only to be used for hobby archery and not for hunting. This is a resembles the traditional recurve in terms of basic form but the materials are metals and fibres and come with a multitude of appendages and elements of precision. Another possible type of bow common for hunting in Alaska is the crossbow. If you decide to use the crossbow, check out BowAuthority’s crossbow scopes┬áto help you decide what to pick. Visibility is poor in Alaska (due to winter and snow) so a scope will be one of the best things you can get.

Choose the right bow with the right power

A very important issue is the power of the bow. The power of the bow is measured in pounds and represents the equivalent weight that your body supports (mainly the muscles of both arms and back) when you open it. Every arc is configured for a nominal power that is calculated at an opening of 28 inches. Why is the power of the bow you buy so important? Because in general, it is not a parameter that can be changed so if you do not hit the nail on the head it can be very frustrating. And why can it be very frustrating? Because firing with a bow that does not cost you effort to open or be unable to dominate the bow of what is suffered to open it with each arrow can ruin your desire to keep pulling.

Other tips to remember

Now that you know what kind of bow that you should consider, you have got to know how to setup yourself. Most of the times, when you are bow hunting; you are not actively stalking any game. Instead, you will be up in a tree waiting for the most opportune moment to shoot them with a well-placed arrow shot. So here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when you are setting up your position.

Position yourself properly in the tree

The height at which you must place the hunting position in the tree is paramount. You have to do it at the right height to be able to cover yourself, but without losing sight of the place where the animal will pass. The best thing is to choose a crossing of branches (one is not enough) from where to control what happens around without the animal detecting anything.

If you are waiting at a feeding trough, locate yourself in an area where you see the feeder clearly.

Be safe

Falling from this height can lead to serious injuries, so it is best to take precautions. You are probably already gripping your bow with both of your hands, so you may need to have a harness tied to the tree. You have to tie a rope or a harness to the nearest thicker and central branch, at a distance from the ground to feel safe.