Hunting Tips for Alaska

What are some tips for hunting in Alaska?

Alaska is a vast and sparsely populated country of incredible beauty and wildlife. The bears in Alaska are among the strongest in the world. You drive the countless rivers, glass the slopes, the desired bear has come into sight, begins an exciting footstep. Alaska is a true hunter’s paradise. Hunt for elk, wild sheep, caribou, black bear and grizzly bears in a wilderness untouched by humans. Far from the hustle and bustle, stress and civilization, experience your Alaskan adventure. And if you would like to have grand time hunting in Alaska, then you need to prepare. So here are a few tips that you should follow before heading out on your hunting trip in Alaska.

Apply for a hunting permit

To have a hunt in Alaska you must have read state hunting rules and applied for a hunting license. The hunting license shows that you have paid the necessary state fees for hunting in the state. The hunting license must be taken at all hunting locations in Alaska. The hunting card is carried and shown to any of the authorities that ask for it. The wildlife fee will be paid by everyone who hunts. This also applies to hunters, for example, who use hunting dogs.

Have the right travel plans

The hunting grounds of the state of Alaska are characterized by their vastness and seclusion. Passenger and goods transports are done almost exclusively by plane, to limited extent also small boats are used. Weather, season and the water level of the navigable rivers directly determine the accessibility to the very remote hunting grounds. Therefore, you should always have the right travel arrangements already made if you want to get to some of the prime hunting locations in the state. For example, if you plan on hunting in the Aleutian Isles, you need to charter a plane. Travelling by plane is the only practical way to get around Alaska’s widely spaced hunting locales. So try to budget in a plane charter as part of your hunting trip’s budget.

Have the right equipment

Crossbows are very good for hunting in Alaska. If you are unsure of which bow to get, you can take a look at BowAuthority’s best crossbow article. Make sure you are using a proper crossbow scope,  as well as adequate crossbow bolts. You have got to remember that the game animals in Alaska are much larger. This applies to animals such as the large Grizzly bears and Elk. You have got to have the right calibre of weapon if you want to bring down a large elk, as one shot from an ordinary hunting rifle is not enough to take them down. You may also need to have some sort of hunting shotgun if you want to protect yourself against the large bears that can be found in Alaska. You also need to keep in mind that the bears in Alaska are a protected species, so if you shoot one in self-defence, you will need to hand over the carcass or pelt to the Alaskan Forestry department.

Be sure to bundle up nicely with the right hunting gear as well. You will need gear that is lightweight yet will still keep you warm. Alaska can have below freezing temperatures frequently. And it can get wet with rain, snow or sleet. So you have got to make sure that your hunting gear can withstand the weather in Alaska.